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We all have big questions about life that we would like to know the answers to. Whether they’re about our love lives and relationships, our career, or just about what life has in store for us in general, we all have things we would like a deeper insight into.

Nandini can take take a deep look into your biggest questions and provide you with some much needed clarity on your important issues, allowing you to move forward positively.

There are 4 packages to choose from depending on your budget:

Pendulum Yes/No Reading – $5

This is for those quick yes or no questions.  Nandini will tune in and answer your questions using a Pendulum. She will send you the reading via email.

One Question Online Reading – $15

You can ask Nandini any question relating to any areas of your life, such as career, finance, relationships or other important life issues. She will answer your question in detail by tuning into your angels and guides and with the assistance of angel cards.

Mini Angel Card Reading (3 Card Spread) – $20

Nandini will do a 3 Card spread for you from one of her Angel Card decks.  You can request her to use either the romance, healing or life purpose decks depending on the area of your life you want to focus on.  She will send you the online email reading via your email address.

Angel Card and Psychic Reading – $35

Nandini will use a set of Angel and tarot Cards to bring you the guidance from your angels.  She will also channel and email you messages from your angels.  This is the equivalent to her 30 min phone psychic readings.  She will send you the online email reading via your email address.

Testimonial for Psychic Online Email Reading

I would definitely recommend you for an email reading.  I am very happy with both my readings. I initially was wary of having an online reading so that is why I chose the pendulum reading at a cheaper rate.  The fact that you added an extra comment rather than the yes or no answer gave me the confidence to ask for another reading which I am very happy about.

The reading was detailed and gave me sound advice. As always with readings we usually know the answer but we need reassurance and confirmation.

It has given me a different understanding and viewpoint of the situation which I hadn’t realized before. My favorite part of the reading was the analogy of the “cat and mouse” game was something that hadn’t occurred to me before and has helped me see that I am also playing a part in this and like you said not take part in it.

Overall it was a reassuring and positive reading which has put my mind at ease to a certain extent.  I am still unsure about revealing my feelings for the fear of making him run.  I feel I need to tell him those 3 little words that mean so much but at the same time can make or break a relationship. Overall this reading has been very helpful and I would recommend it to my friends as a reading that is reassuring, accurate and has given me clarity.


Email Readings

  • Please select the package you would like and submit your question below. Allow up to 5 days for all packages except the Pendulum reading. All emails will be answered according to their place in the queue.