Crystal Dreaming

(An Advanced Crystal Healing technique)

Our beings, in fact all things, according to the latest quantum physics theory, are in a state of constant vibration. Thus we are affected by vibrations around us. We may be positively affected by the healing vibrations of sound, colour, touch and crystals.

Through Crystal Dreaming you may travel into the depths of your being and there find true happiness and peace. Once experienced your life will never be the same again. Doorways previously locked will open – all you need is the courage to step into the unknown and discover the truth and beauty of who YOU really are.

Using a unique mandala of crystals laid around the body, Nandini will guide you safely on a profound journey into the superconscious. Here you may access a state of oneness and bliss, where emotional, physical and spiritual healing may occur.
You may reclaim the skills and knowledge you have acquired over many lifetimes, bringing clarity of purpose to this life, as you release any past life trauma and align with your Divine plan. You may also meet your higher self, spirit guides or spiritual teacher, opening your clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities. During Crystal Dreaming™ you remain fully aware as you create profound and positive life changes for yourself in one session.
This is an ideal experience for the spiritual aspirant or seeker of the truth.


1.5hrs – 2hrs Session – $180

Booking For - Crystal Dreaming

  • Price: $ 180.00